A Forgotten Color

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A Forgotten Color

Bring me now to older clouds
And tell me that your secret’s found
And let me feel what quicker mends
A tear in the sky or an earth that’s rent

Speed my cloud on quick ascent
And show me what is heaven sent
Or shine to show that heaven’s nigh
A deeper earth or brighter sky

Roots entwined wind deep in soil
Down to Hade’s shade
Leaves abound above the ground
In shades of green and red

Seeds in us

Branches long extend their reach
To feed the trunk with rains
Tall and full the verdant tree
Where my apple hangs

Sabled souls of feather’s deep
Seek to float while fathers weep
Mothers fold the family’s keep
In fabled mold ancestral leap

All the departed
Taken so timely
Climb the sky

Altered directions
In finite recycles
All survives

Cast in colors
But now forgotten
Now is past once said