Rare Words

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Trying to take life like a bruise (and move on)
Throw my hands up in disbelief
Of knowing anything in this goddamned world


I know what people say
Don’t give a listen

Know what you do
Know who you are

No Use

Oh sad deadly world
Gorged on hate and blood
Neck-deep drunk with guns
Lost off axis whirls

Sickly human strain
Three kill four kill five
Mindless formless mass
Work for peace in vain


All the time
Normal guy
I’m not

Spear in Hand

Hunting jungle lions makes no sense
Like Upton Sinclair

Not so much for trophies
But more out of fear
Like Upton Sinclair

They stalk and maul our future
Fill their lairs with profit

Glut themselves on carcass
By pouncing on the planet


I studied that black and white photograph
Until I saw it in color

Try as reason might
To live a life that one might like
Until I see it in color


Skylight to the clouds
Canopy to the sky
An inner light

Train Wreck

When I look at him
When I look at her
All that I see
Is every bad decision that they’ve made
That’s all I can see
All that I see

What’s in an accident?
A collision of fortunes?
Happenstance, hapless victims?
(Fateful repercussions)


Deep, dark trumpet calls
In loud concentric rings
Harbingers of darker times
Sounds of shattered wings

Fear on the horizon
Violent vagueness in the voice

Looking Back

I wrote a beautiful poem the other day
Like a Vermeer, it echoed itself
The mirror of mise en abyme
It was about someone else

And their reflections on me


I plugged a meter with a nickel
In a world where quarters make do