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Gathered here with us
Are those
You cannot stop
(From) coming to your funeral

Heard It

I have heard some say
“Is she one of them”?
Cherished like a childhood
The insight is all inside
Burst of an ocean


Thinking time is on my side
Thinking I will die
Thinking all is right


Hollow hallowed wallowing
Sycophantic sacred song
Done by rote, a toggle switch
Justified by ritual-rich

Pleasant Words

He always knew
He didn’t care


Rattled by the cage
So much comes with age

Plans before you die
No more time in sight

Loss soon gives to rage
Flips to final page

There’ll be time to fight
Just please not tonight


Hover above the kook level
Be like her
Just below the crazy crest
And just above the rest


Seed before the sprout
Thought before the seed
Sound before the shout
Unable to grasp
A final say in things

Inchoate, latent pre-thing
Each nostalgic moment
With all its raw emotion
Unable to grasp


As if they could even know
How to live high on the hog

How Will We Know?

How will I know
I’m on my way?
If there’s then some

If You

If you’ve ever had to deal with jealous people
You’d know that they are just as dangerous as they are difficult

Dawn Anew

A new world emerges everyday
On its own accord
With its own say

A new generation
Brighter, better than us
More prepared, smarter in every way

To hide every one
To find every one

Lots of Characters Cast

Even when dropped and not put into play
The letters fall into place anyway
One by one, like abetting traps
Into slotted eager gaming gaps

Like a roulette ball on a biased wheel