Acquired Taste

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Excrescence Coruscates

A moment of time
Something unpredicted
Gives its light
From nowhere it seems
A lightning growth
Welcome to its host
Even the unexpected
Can shine like the sun

Public Hygiene

He keeps gnawing on his zit
And never seems to quit
She keeps flossing all her teeth
While walking all around

She grabs a clipper for her nails
And thinks it’s just okay to do
To let the world clean up for her
Though all must look away
F-Stop Evil
To bring a frown to focus
Its sadness on a smile
An aim on dowered faces
The dire rank and file
To focus on a frown
And smile upon its sadness
On dowered faces down
Just reveals its madness
Eventually They Melt

Flakes, they never settle
They only fall and thaw
Regardless of the cool or heat
They rarely stick around

When blizzard gales support a flake
They only blow about
They cannot stick or hold their own
But crystal form they tout
Where There’s Lack

He tries to hide his size with exercise
Her girth she out weighs with her volume
Not well endowed, his truck is huge
Her cell calls many, though callers none

He’s got toys for who he’s not
Accessories for her instead
An insecure situation
Is eased by compensation
Trumped by Fussiness

He gamboled over a gewgaw
Lost himself for a foofaraw
Dealt us a blow with his baubles
Tipped his hand to all his foibles

We thought him a card or a joker
And hoped he’d bluff or blame
But his vanity, much like poker
Showed us more addiction than game
We Come to You

Soon too our turn at the helm
To forward lasting sea
And face the vast unbroken tides

Known then, our battered masts
And oarless frames afloat

Soon then, we drift to point
A wake to follow friends
And shore the waves of others dead
Iron in the Fire

Branded white for scarring skin
Singes, sears, and smolders fears
Stinging still when soreness fades
Marks its owner and its grade

Glowing red and orange hues
Poker stoking hotter fumes
Fired to etch its victim’s flesh
Till self and symbol finally mesh

Rhyme or Reason

It’s all really rather relative
The way we to and fro fall
One might suppose the right would be something
If one could accept it all