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Though they no longer
Burn the books of thinkers
And other Jews
The Turks and Vietnamese
Live in fear or reprisal and future Reichs
“It’s a different world now,” she said in English.
“I only hear Russian and non-Republic dialects.
What is this world coming to?” she said.


Aping Evolution

A monkey with the brain of God
Acts evolved and able
The human being erect and proud
Functions like a fable

Its tools and tongue sophisticate
Its social acts advanced
But ego, guns, and wars, and hate
Defy hierarchic stance


Critic Faces Yesterday

Perilous purpose, progress reverse
Chanceless charges, changes perverse
Sampling soundbites, sounding nervous
Fainting, falling, failing fervors

Nostalgia protector, record collector
History fabler, memory erector
Table turner, mpeg defector
Format enabler, future rejector


Sense of Center

Taking one’s own stride
Requires a skip and trips
To the other side and back
And perhaps some backwards flips

It was as if we’d found
The center of the world
And no one knew but us


Single Minded

Forlorn lonely thinker, seeking better half
Always wanting freedom, never looking back

Aging catches up with them
Anniversaries never do
The catch they thought they once were
Infects them like the flu

Engaged to no commitments, rather play the field
Eyeing newer smiles, gathers greater yield


Desert Culture

World at night is bustling
Solace from the heat
For a moment, quiet now
But not for long, the streets

So many rows of palms
Endless sands and sun
Whispered sounds of past
Tireless population


Future Decided

Child with dirty clothes
Pining for a pound
Yet another sale
Keeps him out of school

Kids in mother’s arms
Looks with smiling hopes
For tempered future later holds
Neither visa nor a job

That’s Okay

That’s okay that’s alright
I don’t care so much for you
I don’t care so much for you
That’s okay, I don’t care, that’s fine


Palette Choices

Yes sir, this is black
There are no other colors
There are no other ways

No mam, that is white
There are no other colors
There are no other ways

Maybe grey it should be
Blended, compromised
Awash without a rainbow
Colors, all lacking hue



Thumb to buttons from channel to channel
The set three feet from his feet
He searched in vain for a travel show
That’d take him very far from home

He’d settle for a cooking spot
If it showed him a foreign land
Just anything to take his mind
Off his trailer and his life


Renown Let Down

Fabled lambs and wolves
White their wool and teeth
Soft their feel and step
Yet fleece and threat mistook

Mythic man and beast
Fierce in war and look
Held on high and feared
Kind and kill mistook

Legend land and sea
Vast their length and depth
Famed their teeming beings
Their safe and calm mistook