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Where There Should Be Shame

Big man flying on a little boy’s bike
Bahama blue blouse blowing unfurled
Rainbow flags ticker all his little spikes
There are only bright colors in his world

Flowing mane-like mullet follows him
Wheelies show him off the rim
Too tan tight skin shines as self-spoof
Taught chin up soaks sun and looks



Newest type of network fad
Tweets criminals not nerds
Luring Facebook friends arrive
A vandalizing herd

Gang war more efficient now
That email’s in the hood
If only their technology
Could clean up all the blood


Children of the cleverest kind
Listen still and wait
No parents on this playground
Candies for the take

We live like on vacation
The monkey bars abound
While parents look the other way
We keep our childhood sound


Other Dark

Why the night?
In simple black
Or grey to fabriced light?
Why the plight?
The ones over others
In blackness night?
Say the others in whitey white
The black is blacker here
More than any other fear


No Dessert

I feel like a glass of wine
Poured to show one’s taste
The cup that keeps me whole
Just holds me for a while

I feel like a tabled meal
Complete but soon devoured
The knife placed at my side
Is not there to protect me


You Call It

I don’t know what you know
I thought I knew you better
I don’t know what to do now
I don’t know if it matters

I don’t know why
But you do



Succumb with them
To the other side
Cross the boundary
Lock the fence behind

Hold the darkness in my arms
Take me by the feet

Distant image
Shadow figures
Lost in the gray
Foggy light

Changing course on the lost
Sextons on the fritz

Flashlight beacon
Reminds me of you
Gleaming warning
Reminds me of you
Rock wreck crashes before

Random Power

Not knowing what you think you’ll jam
Will lead you where you want to go
And release you from the stilted plan
And let organic grow

Divest the urge to stop the flow
Avoid all rules, all the tap-in
Let the innate tell and show
And let it simply happen

Courtesy Flush

I don’t give a shit about you



That’s a beautiful thing, but
That’s a pretty thing I doubt
That’s a smarter thing I avoid
That’s the sort of thing I leave behind

Shore it up for another time
Pack it down your done now
Someone else will take care of it