Classic Fit

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Almost in my sight
I taste you in my mind
I’m just a throw away
Only a throw away

Kept apart by fate
Abetted by your hate
I’m but a throw away
Still a throw away

Close but yet sub par
Your eyes cast me afar
I’m just a throw away
Just a throw away


Higher Call

A world below our higher call
Is always lower than ourselves
We try and might be to the task
But doubtless we will take a gasp
And plunge right in to waters deep
To save the simple times and see
A better world where no one weeps
Or knows that lower callers seek
The affirmation fewer reap



I didn’t expect to become a legend
Only a name
I didn’t think I’d become such a celebrity
Only a voice to make us think
I guess but in the end I’m glad I did
Especially if it made you think instead


Generation A

We began it all so many years ago
Before the TVs that told us so
When Christmas stories were Yule Tide Tales
And computers were not in the minds of men
But we changed the world with our generation
And foretold things that all came true
We spoke of worlds united and afar
And boundaries shifting like we saw
The ancient things are closer than you think
The things so new have all been said
The old world figure long since dead
We speak with words that so few read
We are the generation A


Photo Op

The dirt is so easy on you
Your record speaks for itself
The nasty autumn photo op
And regrets that only you permit
I say that’s not good enough for you


Rain Again

Tonight is silent finally
The noise has stopped and everything’s still
The rain keeps all things quiet
For another day at least
A time to gather thoughts
A moment to collect everything I am
And let the rush of yesterday
Wash over me like tomorrow’s shower



The beauty behind the trees is the sky
The ugliness behind the sky is the heavens
The beauty behind the heavens, it is the sun
(But the ugliness behind the sun, it is time)

I’m in another world
A place I don’t feel especially comfortable
But can I pack my suitcase and move on?
It seems too simple, but there’s a crowd on
Can we rest simply tonight?
I’m in another world


Idea Person

I’m an idea person
Actions not words make me go
Give me a list of things to do
Not advice or suggestions



I’m turned upside down
A prospective smile and not a frown
A perspective turned upside down
Topsy-turvy overturn
Whirling tumbling my feelings churning

I’m on my head, my hands below



March right in and claim the fame
A chilling cry o’er forlorn bones
A win with trophies from the war
Parades with trumpet sounds galore

As if the prize was ghostly lore
Or history based on bloody gore
The scab that gives a pussy sore
Has healed and then some and more


Let It Go

Wrapped all up like a cocoon
Sleeping till day light way past noon
Making my mind up to get up soon
Anxious thoughts locked up
Oh, let it go, let it unfold, let it go