Depth of Focus

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Let Me Spell It Out

I am more than you can be
Yet IQ elementary
O I could even double you
It’s easy to excel you

Because I always comes before U
And M always comes before R
You are not what I am



Tolerance is not what we permit
But how much we can bear
Permission granted, if we allow
Does not mean that we care

The difference in all, inherent
Demands we draw a line
And calls the Other well across
And lets us self define



Chat, chit, chat, chatter, gossip and flatter
Every time you open your mouth it doesn’t matter
The shit that spills between your teeth does even seem to cater
To a listener, an open mind, or anyone who matters



Destiny goes in many directions
Oaths per person a million to one
Sing-less roads and many forks
Decide for us the way
But life is not an earth science

Destiny goes in many directions
Oaths per person a million to one
But life is not an earth science
But life is not an earth science


Shut Up Madame

Loud lady from Liverpool
Shouts above the isle
Her grandkids think that grandma’s deaf
And so does everyone(body) else



Finally the clouds
Though not enough to protect us
They beckon our passage far below



I am so far away
The loneliness without you
Hard to take
It crushes me to restless
Sleep, and makes me count the days



Quicksand legs find something to do
Sinking limbs make busy my hands
Quagmire still get me out of this rut
Pushpin day slows me down to a stop


Not For All

Poetry’s not for timid beings
Whose words are not thought out
Its excellence demands a point
Or challenging way out

If intellect is not your thing
Or thinking, pot of tea
A different drink is what you need
Too steep to meet your need


Next Door

Taken inside it’s nothing you can hide
Removed to another place, its nothing out of place

Shown out in front it’s always too in front
An embarrassment left undone
And left for others to see


Back Then

One night my mind was gone
But it was so strong and with a glimpse
Of eternity, and other fleeting thoughts
All the things one would think would not have an impact
Let me reign the way



Orchestrate this you numbing noisers
It takes more than a pancake breakfast
To unleash the seething soul of sound
Orchestrate this you numbing noisers

Talent replaces techno-savvy
Like a sneeze undoes a cough
Hold your guitars like you should
And let the music emerge

You pluck and grind and switch the knobs
Pedals, you believe, save your look
To impress, move, and instill


Credit Where It’s Due

The endless word that beckons
The poet’s muse that calls
Lies and cheats and steals its meals
And leaves us thoughts to reckon

Ideas falter on their own
With no help of our own
If you think they come from elsewhere
You truly are alone