Eyes of the Ghost

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Descend With Me

Descend with me
Like the ancients did
Reunion meal and drink
Loved ones gone now here again
Arriving en masse
From their murky world
Invited guests

Everywhere I Look

Surrounding moment
Envelops with some odd sense of truth
An uncanny thought
Everything fits together, yet unexplained

Everywhere I look there is harmony
Everything I feel is discord

TV Sad Now

Drab faced encounters
TV tells me to be sad now

It cannot be
It cannot be
Ways of world
Do not sway
What is in your being

Take the sad
And mad as it ads

Looking for a Thing

I’m looking for a thing
I’m looking for a tulip

Angels Have Spoken

Noj-El, Noj-El
(The) angels have spoken

Never Know

Never know

Dark Long Hair

Several strands of long dark hair
Are left on the pillow
An impression of a face
A faint scent of garlic
A coolness in the air

Sailor Song

Scurvy lessons breathing in the brine
Shipboard star-ward steering on our course
Taking in water pushing out the cold
Climbing up the mast looking for land

Partners in Thought

Partners in thought
Mental connections
Separate containers
In which blood flows

Never Thought

They tried but they failed
Their efforts paled
I never thought they’d win
But I really thought they’d try

Writings on the wall with ink
Writings on the wall were they

No Money

You’ve got no money inside your pocket
You’ve got no money inside your wallet
You’ve got no money for me

I realize your nothing like Enron
You’ve got no money you can give me
You’ve got no budget to balance
To write your check to check today today

I realize you’re living on the street
You’ve got no money, you’ve no socks on your feet
You’ve got nothing to say
You’ve got no money, nothing to pay

Itemize your budget, check to check to check
Break your money down to the dollar, break it down to the cent

Realize you have no retirement, no social security
You’ve got no money to put in the bank

You’ve got no money, you’re out on the street now
You’ve got no money, you’re begging for money
You play your guitar for money, a dollar or two

Road Rage

A large ship without oars
A large plane without wings
Run our travel, ground and water

Run him aground
On the curb
Take action
Road rage

A large ship without oars
A large plane without wings
Run our travel, ground and water

My hands aground
On the curb
Push him through
Take action
Road rage
Take action

A large ship without oars
A large plane without wings
Run our travel, ground and water

My argument
Stands here now
On the curb with you
Take action
Push the envelope with me
Road rage

Ah rage, rage
I have smelled you
Like a daisy


Their love is gone, they’ve lost someone
It’s all despair
You’ve lost someone
You’re waiting for an open door
You’re waiting for someone
You’ve lost someone


I’ve Seen It

Been here before, this deja vu
Seen it before, I told you
Who are you? Who are you?

I know this blotter is working out then
I’ve seen it, I have been before
I’ve seen it, I know it
I know I’ve been
I’ve seen it, I know it
I’ve known it all before