First Stone Thrown

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Nerve Damage

So you can’t feel your hands
And your feelings are numb
And you can’t hear what society says
Because you don’t belong

Join the club
Here’s a pass
Join the club
You don’t belong
Join the club



Over the counter
Under the desk

It’s going to hurt now, now and then
It’s going to feel great now, now and then

It’s time to throw those little pills back
And swash them down with Applejack
And wake up later


Audacity Exhibition

All along I thought it was a freak show
Something that would curdle my heart
Then I realized it was a you show
Nothing that was too real from the start

Focused close upon your pose
Fakes and illusions did me in
Smoke and mirrors I suppose
Stepped right up to take it in


Weak Day

Maybe Sunday, will I find you there?
Maybe Monday, will I find you there?
Maybe Tuesday, will I find you there?
Maybe some day, I will find you there

I will show up early
Just to catch a glimpse of you
Overly embarrassed
Just because I’ll think you know



Prairies out west
Clouds and sunsets
Hare and foxes
Cowboys, cactus

Where the buffalo roam



I have walked the wayward path and narrow too
I have known some narrow minds and shallow too
I have done some others wrong and myself too
I have grown in outer ways and inward too

When one tries to live one’s life
It all seems too damn hard
When one finally lives one’s life
It all seems far too late

Must I live off of the grid?
Must I be invisible?



It’s a cold night out there, brrrr
Feet like icicles, hands like ice
Head like an icicle, eyes like ice
It’s cold out there

Hands like ice, feet like ice
Fingers like ice, eyes like ice
It’s cold out there



Open up your eyes
Find your own disguise
Try with your own eyes
Hide your own disguise


Silent Mob

They’ve come from all around for all sorts of reasons
They don’t look passive, but engaged
No, they’re not violent, but enraged

No, I’m not sure I’m really ready
No, that view, I’m not sure I really have it
No that manifesto, I really haven’t read it
No, I’m not sure I really get it



Off course like a stray star
Your orbit reached far too soon
Your light fades way out in space
And you are light years away

Blackhole, I fell into you
Vacuum, there’s not much for me
Sky bright, there are so many stars
And you are light years away


More or Less

Care less for the careless
Be more for the doers more
Have less for the havers more
Say more for the voiceless more

No more indifference
No interference

Not a day goes by
Not a thing that you could say


Lost File

Simple file
Written down


Visitor View

No one’s like me here
But everyone here is just like me
Because, I’m in a foreign land
I’m in a distant place

Host and Guest

It’s a dismal ray
A party turned crisis
Without a trend
Shiny loose stream end
It’s an enzyme

Dark corridor
Goodbye little freedom
It’s hunter’s remorse
Naughty abacus