Future Fossils

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Friction Ridges

What you leave behind,
Almost invisible, individual
Formed by genes and lines
Personal signature, highly searchable

Labyrinthine primate and sensory patterns
Intricate swirly-line thumb-sized impressions
Register feeling and subtle vibrations
Overlooked value of tangible dactyls

Almost everywhere
Chemical residue, arches, loops, and whorls
Sometimes faked, erased
Magnifiable, identifiable


The Farmer’s Friend

Increasing craving’s intensity
Banishing caloric density
Engineered seeds sown commercially
Sometimes results in infirmity

Oh Monsanto
You claim the farmer as your own
Oh Monsanto
You also gave us Agent Orange

Making homegrown farms a scarcity
Hiding from legal adversity
Yielding genetic perversity
Threatening our biodiversity


Town to City

Demographic shifts away from city living
Made suburban boom in fifties kill the downtown
Economic change in lifestyles brought the malls in
Infrastructures increased traffic and pollution

Decades later poorer people flock to cities
Leave their autos, prefer transit, better wages
Urban centers find renewal building condos
Towns are empty, Walmarts struggle, malls are crime zones

Living in the burbs once marked one’s affluence
Now it marks one’s poverty and backwardness
Generation change in point of reference
Rural dwellers seldom know the difference


What Then of Us?

Ever night of unknown hours
In names alone your listless powers
Recall their lives of loves and sorrow
Now long gone those seeds of ours

Stone-carved dates for births and deaths
Hold their stories like bookends

Like covers to the books themselves
Contain their contents till the end



I don’t get it
You can’t make it
It’s forensic

Don’t you know that you’re going to die?

Just can’t let it
Be anesthetic
You need a medic
You’re pathetic
Don’t you know that you’re going to die?


Last Baby Crying

Tilted bridesmaid, Humpty Dumpty arms
Sellout lover, a working stiff

Tomorrow’s chair (is) a mouthful full of madness
Ladled expectations, last baby crying


Death Clock

Ah, the darkest hour
When ice black hope cracks thin
Ah, the darkest hour
When banished rays seek death
Ah, the darkest hour
When morning begs to live
Ah, the darkest hour
When weakened souls will give

Reign the sun king war on high
Pierce the night prince through his eye
Chain his death cast to its die
Paint his silence on the sky


Day Too Long

Wake up my friend, I’ve got blood on my hands
Tune in my friend, nothing can wash it out
Tell me, my friend, have you done nothing wrong?
Sorry, my friend, nothing I can do

Only regrets I have told you
Hidden secrets, I never gave you


Host Cell Panspermia

They looked so much just like us
But they thought that they would not
That should have caused them pause
But they succumbed to likeness

Be careful what you wish for
The hunters of the saucers said
They’re much more like a virus
Whose embryos have spread

Chirality was their clue
A threat and common source
Invasion without bloodshed
Seems more like a reunion


Profit Pills

It’s hard to swallow what they’re trying to sell
It’s hard to quit what they hook you on
Professional pushers, racket of doctors
Market to children and hypochondriac’s fears

Dryness and dizziness and nausea and migraines
Diarrhea, seizures, insomnia, and weight gain
Memory failure, heat rash, and vomiting
Temper tantrums and pain while urinating

Blurred vision, eye pain, and blisters
Fungal infections and uncontrolled bleeding
Hearing loss and hunger are just some of the side effects
Impotence, incontinence, and swelling of the tongue


Creepy Science

They adjust to new surroundings, biorhythmic reparations
They survive in new environments, DNA-less gene creations
They’re synthetic, engineered, outer space-aimed explorations
They’re new life forms, XNO, redefining our equations

(Possible biology beyond organic chemistry
Inorganic embryo cum scientific artistry
Key behavior mimicry of living cell complexity
Independent evolution, adaptation, autarchy)


Ascribe or Achieve

They cannot help but feel the right
The geese that lead the flock in flight
They cannot help but feel in charge
The tugs that tow in their own barge
They cannot help but feel in rule
The fish the reel in their own school
They cannot help but feel they reign
If others call them kings by name

Constants are but constructs
With arbitrary values
We deem them as unchanging
To measure all that changes


Life Preserver

Deep in liquid antifreeze
O2 rich body state
Frozen years, and by degrees
Cryogenic future fate


Hope in new technologies
Outweighs faiths in afterlives
Science too acknowledges
You may never be revived


Revenant some centuries hence
Has a second life to spend
Yet also as his death extends
A losing war with age contends