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Can You Hear Me Now

Nihilism calls our souls collect
Intelligentsia choice select
To be placed on hold as we elect
To choose our caller or reject

Can you hear me now?

Will you accept my call collect?

Former Years

To cast in form our laden fears
Forever molded in its shape
Such is the force of former years
To cast in form our laden fears

But as our latter twilight nears
It calls upon us to escape
To cast in form our laden fears
To stand the scourge of our past peers
And take the sears and hurt and tears
And cloak them in a healing cape

To cast in form our laden fears
Forever molded in its shape
Such is the force of former years
To cast in form our laden fears

Such is the force of former years
To cast in form our laden fears

Head Like A Glass

All the fire it burns in colder days
In warmth it stays with reds so hot it glows
My fiery hearth of flame with warmth it knows
Its heart is always hotter than it shows

Why can’t I just (seem to) ignore it
It seems to me your asking for it

I see you head just like a glass
If I could grab it I would break (smash, shatter) it
But I turn the other cheek and walk away
And find myself weak

Greater Still

Poet’s moment so quiet so still
Hearing sounds that make earth chill
Say the talk that makes our beings fill

That leaves others still in the lonely dark
And pulls us into greater things

Lonely Only Now

Lonely only now
Memories bring me down
Feelings I can’t shake
More than I can take

Depressing is what depression does
Moods o’er minds in well-worn ruts
Walk along a steeper bluff
The end can’t come fast enough


I hear your voice I hear your sound
The sky seems darker without you around
The pain is darker every day
The pain is deeper in every way
Oh it hurts me

Godiva Disciple

Devotion is your substitute
For angel cake and candy

Forbidden now from the juicy fruit
When candied apple’s handy

Once the bonbons gave you rapture
Now it’s devil’s bliss that troubles

Once immersed in candy wrappers
Tempted by vanilla truffles

Cravings for the bread that’s hallowed
Replace the prayers for chocolates swallowed

Kisses made to higher glory
Caramel, gumdrops, praline, toffee

Bending knees to sweets like votives
As your faithful diet waivers

Divinities betray your motives
When you binge on holy wafers

Brittle beliefs like sour tarts
They crumble like small candy hearts

Zealous reverence for your Life Savers
Sweetens your hope for sugar saviors

Confessing your love for your confection
While bowing down to your affection

Worshiping when eating’s idle
Comfit food’s your only idol

Heavenly powers, wholly devoured

So Much

There’s so much you need to know
To bring me down, you know

Heaven to a Bushel

If I jot these words down (for) tomorrow
Will it make me come to bed?
Drowsiness a friendly act to follow
But will it make me come to bed?

For if in due moment I saw you
You’d be gathering straw and hay (for tomorrow)
Heaven to a bushel

Flower Vow

Deserted vows like wilted flower on graves they die as well
Promises pedaled as gilded powers, with raves, a bargain sell
To have to hold to buy and own a purchase made in hell
Return receipt a rose exchange the thorny word that fell