Inner Space, Outer Place



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Body Language

Always seeking deeper thoughts
Trying to see within
The forms of hidden structures wrought
Written on our skin

Bodies script, perform their rites
They determine scale
Fashion, taboo, norms they write
For all of us to fail

The forms within our form inform
The world that clothes our sight
The structures in our structures form
The world that clothes our sight




When the final pact
Bards the final word
Heaves release in freedom
Or jails all thoughts absurd
Cracks the final gambit
Unlocks the breathy reins
Words in final orbit
Will never lose their chains

Mouth’s imprisoned limits
Mortal keyless locks
Wordless silence summons
To face the period’s loss


Nonce Oneiric


Now the time when quiet thought prevails
And silence ends the labors life entails
Seeps the murky silt of mind’s own tales
Soupy cinematic thoughts unveiled

Small within small, deep within deep
Fall within fall, sleep within sleep


T’s with Words


T-shirts made by entities
Cheaper, hackneyed, sloganed norms
Worn to forge identities
Work as well as uniforms

Classist though none who wear them know it
Though they’re very proud to grin and show it


Animal Instincts


The cat’s as quiet as a mouse
When the fox spies him as prey
The wolf is as sly as a fox
When the rabbit’s in his way

Behavior often depends
On gain and circumstance
Decisions often depend
On one’s place in the food chain

The lion is scared as a rabbit
When the tiger heads the pack
The bat is as wild as a tiger
When the insect turns his back


The Nature of Things


Mechanics theories change when microscopic
Or when studied at the speed of light
Problems posed by time and space in motion
Require waves and loops and other models

Perspective determines the science applied
From infinitesimal to universe-wide

The light of stars from earth is very ancient
Depends on speed and density of matter
The earth moves slightly up to greet the apple
While it falls downward fast to meet the grass

Scope enlarged or focused to small
It all depends on where we place ourselves




Where is my homeland?
Where do I come from?


Mise en abyme


Nested doll-like mirrored pose
A frame within a frame
Just whose view we should suppose
Feels something like a game

Voyeur-object fixed divide
The artist leaves confused
We’re now object trapped inside
Reflective and infused

This song like so many more
Places you inside the core
Destabilizes meaning’s theme
It accomplishes my scheme


Sad the Warmer Day


When ice castles melt
And all you love went into the mold
To shape the cubes and icicles
To form your dreams and hopes

To see the water cold drip down
Puddles in their stead
To watch the castles lose their shape
And shed their formless frames

Icy tears on their destined paths
Fall mostly down to meet the others

Try As You Might


They muster clouds to bring the rain and only see the sun
They race to stop my every move and only see me run
They frown and scowl in darkened corners just to see me smile
They think their plans are hidden deep though I’ve known them all the while

I’m the original positive vibe
Giving you love to take the ride
Away from all the fears you hide
I’m the original positive vibe

They try to break my spirit down and find it only bends
They make their signs and read them wrong for all that they portend
They match their idle angry woes by making others ill
They think they’re running circles round, but they’re just sitting still