Land Scopes Sea

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Seldom met when needed
Rarely followed, heeded
Few can have and hold them
Soon they’re disappointed

We must make them
Hold them to ourselves



If you were a kind of tree, what would you be?
A pine, a fir, or spruce, of course, coniferous

If you were an animal what would you be?
A lion, a bear, a lynx, of course, carnivorous



I used to play my radio
And learn of sports and storms
And fix my bike before it rains
And hear the oldie songs

The dial was set for crackle free
And nail hung, swung by dangling free
I thought I was then parent free
Today time casts it differently

The world has changed, I’m older now
The humid memories still remain
The oldies now much older now
The music’s not much heard the same



Hunting patterns
Unknown matters
Aerial fractals
Cereal circles
Night-shaped bent stalks
Semiotic mystery
Hoax or nature’s
Beauty in geometry



Maybe there’s no such thing as coincidence
And all (things) happen(s) for a reason
Or perhaps most of them are accidents
And nothing’s left to believe in

Cast your lot, roll the die
Take a chance, try to deny



All things follow commas
In written forms and other ways
Run-ons other long thoughts
Parenthetical things to say
Change of point without a cause
Afterthoughts permit a pause


Inverse Universe

Over many, many things
Over many, varied things

Deep in my head
I can see now
Inch by inch
I creep inside

Images, lights, and sounds
The basic things of sensory life
Disappear like a vapor
Allow the otherness to move in


Memory in Exile

We can never go home
To smell the summer grass
And see the land as it was
Free from change to come

We can never go back
To smell the clothes-pinned sheets
And see that house as home
Free from time’s cruel pass

We can never go home
And see the land as it was
To smell the summer grass



Some forms are deliberate
Forged by evolution
Others are just figments
Forced interpretations

Lincoln Rocks make landmarks far more findable
Jesus in the toast makes mundane meaningful

Matrixed sounds or pictures
Apophenic omens
Paranormal import
Hierophanic meanings

Matrixing technique makes life survivable
Man on mars makes origins imaginable



Working all day
Making low wage
Earning nothing
Can’t go solo

Always trying
Nothing giving
Make a living
Hardly living


Wink, Blink

Art has shaped my eye


Darwin Succored

Helping nature help itself
Be the fittest, save its health
Put the bird eggs back in nests
Snakes and squirrels will do the rest

Nature’s alive, survives on survivors
When nature survives, survival’s the driver



Iris one and iris two
One is brown, the other blue
One looks old, the other new
Freaks me out, and also you