Pleasure Please

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The Drowning

List with me my savior soul from right to left
With tortured waves that beat my limbs with crashing might

Surge your saline waters down on our blackened throat
Gulping gasping life engulfed a bridgeless moat

Panicked arms flail for swimmer’s drowning hopes
Submarined my soul it dies with struggling gropes

But I rise I float I grasp to the top with wilder drive
To climb on liquid savior’s ride to be alive

Four Candles

Four candles branch in all four ways
Succumbing to night fall ways
Taking back the ways I’ve shown (to) you
Making climbing up to you

All your ways

Serene you call me here
Inside you leave me here
And void and numb you call
Often quiet you let me fall

All your ways


With Your Umbrella

I saw you in the park with your umbrella
Mythical rain molding you and your reflection
Standing there like a mirage in misty form
Focused on your silhouette as I approach you

But then you were gone
Were you ever there?


Powerful Now

Powerful now, I’ve heard you say
Powerful now, you’re in my ear
Powerful now, this is my day
Powerful now, I know you’re near

Powerful now, feel my breath
Powerful now, make my day
Powerful now, hear me say
Powerful now, there’s nothing left

Ugly Nipples


Dickless wuss your shake it has no strength
You worm in corners and apologize at length
Gutless stance your spineless work extends
The waste of time you are when time expends

Tea-bagged man your sack seat sets on head
A stronger man with drive the kind you dread

Say Hello

If I call you on the phone will you pick up and say hello?
If I stop by restaurant to see you will you say hello?
If I drive my truck up to your window will you say hello?
If I haven’t seen you in 9 or 10 years (20 years) will you say hello?

Hello, hello
Hello, hello

If I miss you and must stop by will you say hello?
If I have a girl friend and she is pregnant will you say hello?
If I’m high on the sauce and talking funny will you say hello?
If I’m punked out on my luck and need some love will you say hello?

Nice Casket

Take me to the other side
Sooner or later
I want to know
What makes me bristle inside

The unknown blackness
That leaves you here while I am there
That leaves you and me alone
In the different worlds

Others’ Filth

You toss me round my world like everybody’s filth
And leave me out to hang and dry
And drag my body behind your Volvo (car)
You make me want to die

But taming me is an impossible task
And shaming you is everyone’s risk
Forcing you out the door is my primary chore

But hit me one more time
Just hit me one more time

You slash my wrists and stand there and laugh
You crash my happy moments down
You push my face into the mud
And make me chew all your fucking crud

When We Fall

Seeking new ways to see
The weirdness that bewilders us all
The all around us state of things
Makes sense when we see it in light

Just before we fall
Nothing left when we do fall
“All things true” rings in our ears
Leaves others in our sight

Give it up and let the fall come
Bring us down without a fight

Break In The Sky

If there’s one more hole in the clouds
If there’s one more break in the sky
There’s one more stake in the earth
There’s one more try to be worth

Then let me have my say
For the heavens have gone away, into the

Into the deepest darkest hole
Into the mold
Into the darkest feelings’ hold


PC moment says all things politely
Allows us to say things rude but quietly
To invade with a whisper but attack
The feigned sight clarifies the unsightly

Radio Angels

Profit pilfers music’s health
Ratings vice creative wealth
Market driven lip-sunk filth
While records sell
Under grounders feigning stealth
In radio hell

Simon says so we must hear
While million-dollar voices cheer
On every dial the shit we fear
Commercial tease
Clearly music’s end is near
Bend your knees

Radio angels without wings
Descend our arts while Hades sings
To tortured depths where music stings
And burns our skin
Simon says the apocalypse rings
Of music’s sin

In radio hell