Stoned, Hammered, and Nailed

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Are You Symbol?

Are you symbol? Let me see
What is it that you represent?
A goal, a message, a look, a scent
A change, a dark horse, a win?

Are you symbol? Let me see
What is it that you represent?
A voice from above and below
A stalwart call for anarchy?

Are you symbol? Let me see
What is it that you represent?
A shakeup, a shakedown, a solution
A memory for all things great and small?

Are you symbol? Let me see
What is it that you represent?
A rhomboid, a circle, a square
A crucifix, a swastika, a Nike swoosh


Let’s Say Goodbye

If we die tomorrow
Let’s say goodbye tonight
Can the will to leave our name
And leave behind all our shame



Your gelatin softened hair
My pointer curls and calls to share
But your gelatin icy stare
Gives my middle finger care

Thumbs up to the losers in your hand
High fives to the fists your lovers bare


Fine, Then

You thought about yourself just like I knew you would
I hoped you’d think about me like I think you should
And when I said I’d leave I thought I saw a tear
But now I know that all along you really don’t…

That’s fine, just fine

You waste my time with every call I waste on you
I wait for you to call me back, you never do
The way you drive me mad you make me throw a fit
But now I know that all along you gave a…

That’s fine, just fine


Lady Friend

Lady friend
Gentleman caller
Significant other
Domestic partner
Special friend


Flock by Hand

Take me by the hand if you must
But don’t take (lead) me down your path

You lead by dragging
I lead by herding
I bet my flock gets there first



Numbness has set in today
(And I’m going to leave it)
Crisis and fear relay
Nothing that will remain
Ennui is here to stay

Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
Patient, patient, patient, patient
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing is so good


Not My Problem

Knowing that you left a light on
Show me that is not your way
Knowing that it’s not my problem
Knowing that it’s not my way

But it’s order before feng shui
And it’s cosmos before ying yang



I mean dog, I mean God
I’m a little dyslexic


Most Dear

You’ve taken the thing I hold most dear
Taken my tissue and watched my tear
And I can only get back
No I cannot forgive that

Your ego makes me wonder
Why it stays intact
It’s surprising it’s not crumbling
It’s amazing it has survived
Get back


Normal Life

A normal life
I don’t want it


Who Cares

Whether or not one can tell who does care
Who cares


My Mistake

Oh, you messed up my life
With all your head games and your other life
You want me to love you just the way you are
But the way you are is not good enough

But there was nothing I had to give
And it was nothing that I ever gave

A thunderclap would not suffice
To show how wrong you were
The only thing that would permit
Is a car head long off a cliff
As I said before and so many times before
I don’t think I can love you

They say it hurts when you give up
They say it hurts when you let go

But I’d do it all again if I had to
Without regret without a wait
Yes, I’d let your memory fade away
Just like an old photograph