Third Person

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Discovery Blemish

You have that perfect blemish
You have that perfect flaw
The one that sets you bright
Despite your inset eyes

Let’s get it right
Let’s get it right
Let’s meet tonight

Your mole and temper tantrums (imperfections)
Make it difficult to see you
I want to close my eyes
And feel you and be with you

Let’s get it right
Let’s get it right
Let’s meet tonight



Nothing you say could offend me
If you make me say
What I need to say
I’d offend you more
Than you ever would allow


I Should Have Known

I should have known
You were such a mess
A missing link, a waste of time
A bailiwick, a nightmare zone
A chilling freeze, a doubting Thomas, winter breeze
I should have known

The next time you mess with me
I hope you know
You should have more
You need some help, you need a tool

Let’s go one on one, one on one
You’re mine for lunch, a one-two punch
A major mess, a girl in distress
You mess with me, you’re gonna see
You should have known


Just A Joke

Oh my secret joke’s on you
Cause I know you know I know what to do
My punch line punches quietly
My by-line bites in whispers
My laugh track now spits on you


It’s A Natural Thing

It’s a natural thing if I say so
So many times I’ve wondered
If I have lost my soul
So many times I’ve pondered
The depth of that loss
It’s a natural thing if I say so


Crossword Being

With a tortuous tongue and loquacious locutions
A cumbrous inkhorn of logorrhea
Volubly effusive with prolix palaver
A tactically pre-deliberated pedagogue

But no one understands
The sesquipedalian man

Laconic to himself the abecedarian
Hormic avidity for others’ avowal
His arduous syllables make him smart
To every audient, his ego’s id



It’s not like I thought
It’s not like I said
I thought it was more
You heard what I said?

I’ll take what I want
I’ll take more than I said
I’ll take what you’ve got
Leave you nothing instead

Fuck you, fuck you world
I want MySpace now
Piss off, piss off world
Don’t waste my time, thank you (very much)


Robot Loves Amy

Dear Honda,

Thank you for my robot
It brings me breakfast
It reads me stories
It does my homework
It (even) plays with me

But it says it loves me
What do I do now?


You’ve given me Phenobarbital
I’m not sure what to do with it all
You want me to look good at the world
Give me your Demerol

Color my pills the color of the rainbow
Reds, blues, violets, yellows, give me all



Embarrassing as it was
No one saw me fall
As humbling as it was
I never felt the pain

The way you looked away
The way you let me go
I looked into you eyes
You looked into my soul

Hung up and let go
Say goodbye to me


Wake Up

Vicarious living is not for you
Enjoying life through other’s goals
Wishing those kids were yours won’t make them yours
Vicarious living is not for you

Hoping you’ll meet someone at the party
The one, the female balance for yourself
Trying new things, getting out there
Is the only answer to your loneliness
The bold step to take, the really big step


Your Call

Edacious her taciturn grin
Crapulous, uxorious, her fustian eyes
Dear bonhomie, an aubade cum ides
Nimiety is her stolid stance
A stripling dance with hobbled dome
Condign, rusticate with folded arms