When Star Why

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Be careful what you wish for

Children and new governments
New jobs, relocations
Larger wealth and families
Now’s infatuation


Wake Up Cold

First the shoulders, then the feet
Not the blanket, not the sheet
Not the furnace, not the heat
It’s something else

Need some slippers, needs some socks
It’s not the weather, not the ice
Not a sickness, not the pox
It’s something else


Rural Life

Lumberjack kids, pioneers
Driving tractors, learning gears
Live in trailers, in arrears
Only schooling in early years

One way ticket out of there
Too expensive, too unrealistic
One way ticket out of there
It must be worth it, I just must risk it


Artists Needed

Limn me a better world
Painterly with every word

Lighter hues in a stranger frame
Colors new and not the same



I’ve tried every rhyme scheme
I’ve tried every style
I’ve tried every turn of phrase
Turned every dial
But crank it up all the way
Words and sounds come anyway

I’ve made every note and tone
I’ve made every riff
I’ve made every single song
There is nothing left


Uncanny Valley

Cognitive dissonance
Sort of, but not human
I’m uncomfortable

Mortality salience
Replacement and reduction fears
You’re too like me

Pathogen avoidance
Sorites paradox and mix
You creep me out

Human norm violations
Mate selection issues
Now you’re scaring me


Sun Wings

Sharper still the lightened sky
Aimed at sun’s red blazoned eye
Poised to kill the poisoned light
Your flight is the final fight

Fly, fly, fly
Burn the edges of the sky
Lift your flame and bright the night
Shame the others’ darker might


Drink, Drank, Drunk

A special sip for every cup
Tomorrow’s drink, tomorrow’s sup
A savored toast, no waste to host
A taste refined, but swallowed up

Carpe diem, starts the day
Carpe diem, trumps the day



Cat with too many names
Prowling for friends like past flames
Tiresome his desperate games
Ironic his FBI ways




Sweeping swarms of chirping wings
Swooping smoke-like on the winds
Swirling sentient soaring rings
“We are one” the starling sings


Must Be

Words fall into place
Like eyes with shoestrings laced
Fallen, never lost
Like augur’s sticks once cast

Fancy, fancy, faux



I’m going to let go some day
I’m going to look around and know it’s time to go