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No Wonder Then

I’ve heard, so I’ve heard
That you can’t even face me
That you can’t even face me

Turning, antsy, swerving as you seethe
But it’s a mask on you
Anger, hatred works your every grin
So it’s no wonder then

Nothing To Lose

There could be a hole there
I could fall right in
If there is a hole there
They would push me in, because

Sometimes there is
Nothing to lose

Thunder Approaches

Thunder approaches
Coded but clear
Rumbling low its message
Showering its tears

Passing away it echoes
Its past presence

The night is almost over

The time to mourn is here
Its has come and gone, like you
All my time is gone, like you

I Belong

Cosmos, planets turning
There’s a perfect place for me
Moons, stars move their courses
And shift your (perfect) perspective of me

I belong

One More City

Watching and waiting for the train
Got to take another plane
Just one more city on the way
It seems I can’t get home

Lost and on my own

Wonderful Home

Just look at the things that they have
Much more than they need that they have

But look at their kids and their toys
Disguising neglect with their noise

And hear how their mother cries
And look at the scars of her eyes

What a wonderful, wonderful home

Cure Me

You’re not going to cure me
Insatiable appetite for words and drink
Feelings and intuition take me to the brink
Of art and life

You Make

You make the long days seem so long
You make the wrongs seem really wrong
You make the oceans tide and dry

You make my world collide with yours
Without you


I’d look for them anyway
I’d look for them night and day
They seem to have disappeared
They seem to have gone away

There are so many things I’d like
To say, and feel, and write
While letting them go seems right
Making them fit is might


In these timeless thoughts
When blackened snow is driven lost
Blue-lit shadows cast
Rain-side memories frost and last

Flurried whitened molded lies
Snowmen rolled with coals and sticks
Shaped like you with darkened eyes
In your image formed with ice

Melt soon, melt sometime
Melt soon, melt sometime
Dripping being gone


Tiny drop of blood
Speck of ear bleeding

Where has the blood come from?
Is it from Jesus I need to know

Taken seriously
There is a red blood loss
Hemoglobin count down

Tiny speck of blood
My ear’s bleeding from the lobe

Where has this blood come from?
Is it from Jesus I need to know

Palms dripping with signs of the cross

Tiny drops, blood
Is it from Jesus I need to know
My ear’s bleeding from the lobe

Watch flow for blood
Is it from God up above?
Why am I bleeding from my ear?

Tiny drops of blood
Is it stigmata? I need to know

Weather Make

Create the winds that weather me and make me wait for sun
Make the clouds that hold me in and fog my way

Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time
That’s just fine
I’m inside


It’s late in the evening
I’ve decided which car to drive
The moon is still out before the sun

The sun has come up again
The drugs have worn off for now
I’m on my way to the prairie desert (moon)
To see if I’m alive or what

The cactuses are blooming
The sky is a morning hue
I’ve nothing to lose now
My car is not waiting for me

Let’s drive where we go now
Let’s just see where we go now

Leaving Any Place

Leaving any place behind
Is like leaving part of you behind
A hanger, a pen
A pillow once slept on
A dream for home

The compression of life
We call travel
Is relocation of spirit
An old wine in a new bottle